Chapter 52.06 PUBLIC IMPROVEMENTS (2023)

Chapter 52.06


52.06.010Standard specifications and drawings.

52.06.012City Engineer to maintain standard specifications and drawings.

52.06.020Public improvements subject to desuetude or damage.

52.06.030Public improvements incidental to a building or structure.

52.06.040Charges for prior improvements.

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52.06.010 Standard specifications and drawings.

To facilitate design and construction the following standard specifications and plans are adopted for use in public works construction with the City of Coronado when any such documents have been filed in the Office of the City Clerk by the City Engineer.

A.Standard Specifications for Public Works Construction prepared and promulgated by the Joint Cooperative Committee of the Southern California Chapter of the American Public Works Association (APWA) and the Southern California District of the Associated General Contractors of California (AGC).

B.Standard Special Provisions for Use with the APWA/AGC Standard Specifications for Public Works Construction approved and recommended by the San Diego Regional Standards Committee.

C.San Diego Area Regional Standard Drawings approved and recommended by the Regional Standards Committee.

D.Standard Special Provisions of the City of Coronado.

E.Standard drawings of the City of Coronado.

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52.06.012 City Engineer to maintain standard specifications and drawings.

The City Engineer is charged with maintaining City standard specifications and drawings and keeping them in conformance with current engineering practice. In the discharge of this responsibility the City Engineer shall:

A.As new editions of the documents listed in CMC 52.06.010 become available, determine the date when they shall become effective within the City of Coronado and file such new documents in the Office of the City Clerk prior to the effective date established.

B.Develop and approve additional standard specifications and drawings which may expand or modify the standards enumerated in CMC 52.06.010 whenever, in his judgment, sound engineering practice requires such additions or changes; and these City of Coronado standard specifications and drawings shall become effective when filed by the City Engineer in the Office of the City Clerk.

52.06.020 Public improvements subject to desuetude or damage.

There shall be no certification of the completion of a building or other permitted work until any public improvements damaged or subject to desuetude have been restored to current standards for such improvements.

A.Where, in the development of private property, public improvements are damaged, removed, disconnected or dislocated, the property owner shall, at no cost to the City, repair or replace such public improvements to the satisfaction of the City Engineer.

B.Where, in the development of private property, a driveway is abandoned or is no longer suited for vehicle use, the property owner shall remove the depressed curb section and apron and restore the right-of-way to the standards normally required for an improved street.

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C.Unless a permit had already been issued for the necessary work, the City Engineer shall notify the property owner in writing of any such desuetude or damage and the property owner shall take corrective action within 30 days of receipt of the notice. (Ord. 1626)

52.06.030 Public improvements incidental to a building or structure.

No building or structure shall be erected or enlarged, and no building permit shall be issued therefor, on any privately owned lot or building site unless the streets and alleys adjacent to such parcel have been dedicated and improved along the abutting frontage to the current standards of the City of Coronado for streets and alleys of their classifications; and provided further, that other public improvements and associated easements which benefit or serve the property shall also be installed or reconstructed to current City standards and necessary easements granted prior to the issuance of such a building permit.

A.Street improvements shall consist of curbs, gutters, sidewalk and half width paving, and alley improvements shall consist of full width paving.

B.Where required improvements do not exist, a building permit may nevertheless be issued under any of the following circumstances after needed public easements have been granted:

1.When a public improvement or other permit for the required work has been issued in accordance with the provisions of this code.

2.When improvements constructed to a lesser standard exist and the City Engineer finds that they are in substantial conformance with the requirements of this section.

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3.When the required improvements do not exist or, when existing, improvements not to acceptable standards are to be relocated and the City Engineer determines that the amount of work associated with the requested building permit is of such limited scope that it should be deferred until such time as adjacent improvements are installed; provided, however, that no building permit shall be issued under these circumstances until the property owner executes a waiver of his, or any successor in interest, right to protest a future assessment project for installation of the required improvements. The waiver of the right to protest a future assessment project for the installation of the required improvements shall be recorded against the property on which the building permit is issued.

C.The provisions of this section shall not apply to the construction of accessory structures and, also, shall not apply to the construction of accessory buildings or alterations to existing buildings where the proposed improvements have a total value, as estimated by the Building Official of $3,000 or less.

D.The requirements of this section may be waived or modified by the City Council upon appeal as provided for by CMC 52.01.050 after a finding that there are unusual circumstances which make its application an unreasonable burden upon the property or its owner.

52.06.040 Charges for prior improvements.

Whenever a street, alley, sewer, storm drain or other public improvements has been constructed by other than public improvements proceedings for which assessments are levied, and the cost thereof shall have been paid by only a portion of the property owners benefitted, the City Council may establish a cost recovery district in accordance with the following procedures:

A.The City Engineer shall, upon completion of the work, determine the cost of such improvements, the boundary of the area of all property benefitted and an allocation of the cost to the various parcels of benefitted property in accordance with current City public improvement financing policies. After this determination, the City Engineer shall notify all property owners who may be benefitted and subject to cost recovery charges of the total identified with their property not less than 10 days prior to the City Council’s consideration of the establishment of a district.

B.Once the allocation of the cost has been approved by a resolution of the City Council, it shall constitute a statement of charges due from the owners of the various parcels of property within the district as their share of the improvement costs. The resolution shall include the legal description and the amount of charges for each lot or parcel within the district; and, also, shall establish an annual interest rate to be applied to the unpaid balance of any such charges from the date the district was created until payment is made. The City Clerk shall record this resolution with the County Recorder.

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C.If, during the 10-year period following formation of the cost recovery district, any person either files a tentative map or a tentative parcel map or applies for a building permit on a lot or parcel for which a charge for public improvements has been established in accordance with this section, and such person or his predecessor in interest has not paid such charges to the City, the established charge shall be paid prior to the filing of the final map or parcel map, or the issuance of the building permit; provided, however, such payment shall not be required in connection with building permits having a total improvement value of $3,000 or less.

D.All moneys collected under the provisions of this section shall be deposited by the City Treasurer into an improvement trust fund, and the treasurer shall refund to the person or persons who paid for the improvements for which the charges were collected, or to their assignees, moneys so collected; except, however, that five percent of all such moneys collected shall be retained by the City to defray expenses incurred in administering the trust fund.


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