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Green House Sign Company (1) Green House Sign & Design is your primary fast and local business sign company in San Diego: vinyl decals & stickers, real estate signs, banners, store window graphics, and more. Located in central San Diego, we provide a unique, local option for our customers to create their own custom designs with an extremely fast turnaround time quicker than other San Diego sign companies.

Your local sign shop stand behind all our promises; to deliver the most attractive designs, to produce high-quality products that last, to install everything on time, and most importantly, to make things easy for you. Our goal is to help our clients get the most from their budget. This philosophy establishes us as a very dependable designer, producer and installer.

Our Sign Shop use State of the art printers which is the highest quality printing that is available to banner industry. The vinyl that we use is the most durable on the market.

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Green House Sign Company (2) * Banner Printing and Poster
* Retail Store, Yard and Real Estate Signs
* Convention Exhibits Displays
* Canvas and Poster Printing
* Banner Printing For Fun

Our innovative business model allows us to have very competitive pricing and which is why businesses prefer us for all of their signage needs.

Any custom size is available! Here are some common sizes based on 6 oz standard holed mesh banner, hammed and with grommets included. Discount applies when purchased more than one banner. Its Velcro attachment, makes it functional for special events as well as an in-office promotional tool for walk-in customers. Your graphic stays attached in your free travel/carry bag that comes with each frame you purchase.

Banner printing is one of the most economical signs to be offered in the market. We offer photo quality, full color and eye-catching banners available, basic 13oz outdoor matte or 15oz smooth material. Our custom banners are also hammed for a curl-free beautiful finish. A grommet is a small metal ring inserted on edges and corners of the banner material to reinforce and prevent the cord from tearing through the hanging holes.

It is perfect for use in trade shows, exhibits, or the conference rooms. The banner has grommets which hook onto the X Banner Stand so there is no way the banner can slip off. Fast, easy ordering, and professional staff who can answer all questions you have, no matter how silly they are. The installation of the sign was done carefully and attentively.

The Doublestep banner stand is a great way to market your company and showcase your products. This double sided retractable banner stand comes in 24 widths and displays two banners back to back. This double sided retractable banner stand comes in 36 widths and displays two banners back to back. Compatible with retractable banner stands and indoor displays, the Clamp Light is only available in a brushed stainless steel finish.


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Kuai Hua Wu

Jun 05, 2022


My friend Jeff referred me to this print shop to get my business signs done. Thank you to all the team for the quick service and getting it done. Very nice and will use later this summer as well

Yanira Hernandez

Mar 28, 2022


Always professional, on time, and a they have large variety of options. The rates are competitive and fair. This is the only place I'd trust with all of my business needs. I've been working with Green House for the last two years and appreciate all of the hard work they put into everything.

Street Illustrated

Feb 28, 2022


I love Greenhouse. They are my best place to get all of my large Format Digital Prints. I love them!

Soapy Joe

Feb 12, 2022


This is a wonderful local company. The staff is friendly and incredibly responsive, and able to handle projects of any size. Green House has helped us scale our business in terms of production quality, consistency, and process. They are also great problem-solvers, who help us determine the best product and hardware for our one-off projects. We order items ranging from point of purchase materials, to flags, to hardware from them. We're proud to use Green House for our needs!

Roberto Vega

Feb 11, 2022


The guys here work very hard. Roberto did great Job on our banner order. Definitly right please to order any of your sign or banner need.

Spencer Collins

Feb 08, 2022


Green House Sign and Design I would recommend to literally anyone and everyone. I run my art business off of selling high end print reproductions and they are the reason to my success. Not only are their prints the very best and highest quality, there customer service and attention to detail is out standing. They have gone above and beyond for me more times then I can count from same day printing and delivering to even consulting.

I look at the people at Green House Sign and Design as if they where family. If you want the very best quality and to deal with the very best people then Green House Sign and Design is your place. I'm a customer for life!

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Rasta Hailu

May 15, 2021


These guys are good. Working hard on jobs. You should definitely try them. I always use them for my business and friends work. Last time I had window graphic. They did it great price and next day installation happened.

Samantha Mae Ceralde

Mar 24, 2021


Extremely grateful for Mr. Andy and his team! Despite the pandemic, they were more than willing to donate a banner for a small nonprofit org. They also printed it in no time! Not only did this go to show their kind-heartedness, but also their dedication in serving their community and customers. Will definitely keep in them in mind for future publicity-related purchases. Thank you so much!

Guillermo Perez

Jan 07, 2021


We love our signs for street wavering! they did an amazing job, will definitively use and recommend them in the future!

Infinity Yacht Sales

Dec 13, 2020


Absolutely amazing service. I have never worked with a better print shop in my career and I have been contracting print work for 20 years. Not only do these guys get the job done, they do it for a great price and the turn around is quicker than I have ever seen. Quality, Price, and Service.

Chrissy Gray

Dec 08, 2020



Andy and the team at Green House Sign Co. are amazing! We've had a variety of different signs made for our company, ranging from standard prints to decals, aluminum signs to PVC.they make everything and we've always been super happy with the quality, turnaround time, and customer service. You won't find a better sign company in San Diego!

Dana Lingard

Oct 28, 2020


My company uses Green House for the majority of our POP signage and banner needs along with various other things. Their quality is superb and they are lightening fast. They are able to turnaround jobs quickly and are always helpful in answering any questions.

California Lifestyle

Sep 26, 2020


Andy is amazing to work with; he totally exceeded our expectations and went the extra mile. Great customer service, quick turnaround, and incredible work. Just when we thought it couldn't be done, Andy found a way to make it happen!

Caleb Sanchez

Sep 17, 2020


Green House Signs is truly a professional and friendly company! I highly recommend using them! I am more than pleased on the work they did for my business. Thank you again Green House Signs!

Sean Coughlin

Jul 26, 2020


These guys are the absolute best. I moved here two years ago and really glad I found Andy who is super attentive and able to print big projects last minute (and priced much better than Kinko's etc). Quality has been nothing but top notch and I'm very happy. I often use them to print up 3 foot tall foam heads and have sent many happy customers. They also did an excellent jump printing/stretching a high end canvas. Thank you!

Lia Villanueva

Apr 05, 2020


I've had my friend Jeff make signs and artwork for me. This company does really nice work, and I recommend them for sure. I really appreciate the quality and attention to detail Jeff and the Greenhouse Sign team do. I will be ordering more hopefully soon. Thank you


Dec 22, 2015

(Video) day 315 | Green House Sign Designs

I have been using this piace for 4 years. They are the best at what they do. Never had a problem, and they just do what needs to be done to make sure you are happy. Probably the only business that I would give 10 stars to if I could!

Gary B.


Engin goes to the max to help us with our signage work and meet deadlines. Very knowledgeable and high on quality! We have used Greenhouse for 5 years now for our conference at the convention center. They follow specs closely and are 100% accurate on all our 200+ signs we make for the event.

Olga M.


I just used Green House Sign & Design to print my open house and for sale signs for my real estate business. They were extremely helpful, fast and professional! Also their pricing is really good. I highly recommend this business!

Georgette K.


I had a conference I was setting up for at the convention center when I realized the banner I had just printed was not the right size for the stand I had on hand. In a pinch, I was able to find Green house sign and design downtown open on a Sunday of all days! I had the best customer experience. They were knowledgeable and helped me out quickly. I really, really appreciate their willingness to help me on Sunday, last minute.

Kathy Cole


Great company to work with. Thank you to Engin and his team.

Rocco Luciano


Fantastic company and friends of my friend > GOOD! I strongly recommend for print works, design, marketing, business materials.

They are wonderful and do great work. So nice to work with. Highly recommended.


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