In rotation: 5/31/22 - The Vinyl District (2023)

In rotation: 5/31/22 - The Vinyl District (1)

Madison, WI | What’s Happening With Madison’s Record Shops? Steve Manley is the owner of B-Side Records which has resided on State Street for decades. “I have no complaints, I’ve seen so many businesses get crushed by all that. And we’ve been able to hang on and we’ve been doing ok. We’re moving into a new spot, but hopefully we’ll be able to afford that by expanding our inventory. So, year. I feel like we’ve been pretty lucky.” And the move of his business due to a probable demolition of the Current B-Side building. Manley is also planning to move his business up the street, after being displaced by a plan to build a mixed-use development. While those plans haven’t been finalized, Manley decided to move anyway. “I went through the early stage of being upset about potentially being kicked out of a spot we’ve been at for 40 years almost.. To being kind of excited to start our next chapter in a new space, but also nearby. So we’re not so hard to find.”

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In rotation: 5/31/22 - The Vinyl District (2)Somerville, MA | Sip and Spin: Somerville’s vinyl index. expands shop, adds cocktail bar: You’d be surprised what an extra 165 square feet can add to a shop like vinyl index. Roughly 1,000 additional records, a cocktail bar, funky new subgenres — it’s all there, packed into the refurbished record store, which expanded its footprint at Somerville’s Bow Market earlier this spring. If Bow Market was designed to be a destination, then vinyl index. is a distinct watering hole within a destination, where you can shop, sip, spin, and socialize until 11 p.m. The expansion arrived with the shop’s relaunch of Plastic Dreams, its monthly series of “all vinyl all night” DJ events. “When we started vinyl index. we knew there would be a sum of parts that made the shop viable without strictly relying on in-store record sales, and [I] think these additional parts also make us stand apart from the rest,” explains owner Jeremy Sullivan. “Hosting DJ events in-house with drinks in hand fit right in and felt like a natural progression. We’ll always be a record store foremost but do also see ourselves as an event space and bar.”

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San Diego, CA | North Park’s new Part Time Lover wants you to belly up to the bar and listen: North Park’s Part Time Lover listening-bar, opening June 8, will spin and sell vinyl from Folk Arts Rare Records. Arsalun Tafazoli’s hospitality company, CH Projects, has created some of the most high-impact food and drink spots in San Diego. But while the man behind the steak-centric “Born & Raised,” the sleek fishery “Ironside” and the swanky speakeasy “Raised by Wolves” is happy to talk about the refreshing Japanese high balls and tempting snacks you will find at North Park’s new Part Time Lover, what he is most excited about are the tasty sounds they’ll be serving on vintage vinyl platters. Located in the 30th Street space formerly occupied by the beloved Bar Pink, Part Time Lover — which opens June 8 — joins Longplay HiFi in Sherman Heights and the Convoy Music Bar in Kearny Mesa to bring Tokyo’s record-bar concept to San Diego. You can come to Part Time Lover for the croissants, coffee and cocktails, but Tafazoli hopes you will stay to hear complete sides of vinyl albums played on Part Time Lover’s custom high-fidelity sound system.

In rotation: 5/31/22 - The Vinyl District (3)Philadelphia, PA | Vinyl Tap 215’s Duiji 13 on why he keeps spinning and bringing local DJs together: …Coping with the ups and downs, when people do try him brings us to Vinyl Tap 215, DuiJi’s self-described group therapy session cleverly disguised as an indoor DJ jam session and flea market. Rotating monthly between Common Beat Music in West Philly and Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse in Kensington, DuiJi gathers his “Just-us” League of Disc Jockeys – vinyl avengers? – for an all-day spin-a-thon of breakbeats, B-side classics, back of the crate slept-on’s, and head rockers. The women and men on the ones and twos support one another in creating and maintaining the vibe and join one another laughing in harmony. The record collectors selling their vinyl time capsules are dungeon masters of funk with so many stories to tell. The artisans – shining with an inviting spirit as they sell their handcrafted wares – are equal parts engaging and entrepreneurial. And the host – Starfire – is a constellation too breathtaking to behold, too exciting to be missed.

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Los Angeles, CA | How Hugh Hefner’s Personalized Record Collection Wound Up in DTLA: FOLD Gallery is the home to Hefner’s record collection, and they tell us how it went from the Playboy Mansion to their space. Tucked away on the top floor of the iconic and timeless The Last Bookstore lies FOLD Gallery, full of vintage postcards, film cameras, and globes—a testament to the classics that once occupied Los Angeles’ shop shelves. The gallery has been there for roughly 10 years, right after the time when the actual bookstore opened up. They’ve been entertaining guests for as long as the bookstore has, leading many to believe the two are a collective. However, FOLD runs its own operation separate from The Last Bookstore. Curation, sales, and inventory for the gallery are all done by their own staff. Regardless, Priebe notes that the two entities are still entirely happy to operate beside—or more so, vertical to—each other. “Now we’re all just good neighbors,” Founder Jena Priebe told Los Angeles magazine with a smile.

In rotation: 5/31/22 - The Vinyl District (4)CCR debuts new “Travelin’ Band” music video in advance of special Record Store Day vinyl single: A new official video for the classic 1970 Creedence Clearwater Revival hit “Travelin’ Band” has just debuted on the Craft Recordings label’s official YouTube channel in advance of the limited-edition vinyl single featuring an unreleased live version of the song that will be issued as part of the June 18 Record Store Day event. The video features rare footage of CCR on tour in 1969 and ’70 both on and off the stage at various international locations. As previously reported, the vinyl disc will feature live renditions of “Travelin’ Band” and “Who’ll Stop the Rain” on the A side and B side, respectively, and will be available at participating record shops on June 18. …Only 9,000 copies of the vinyl single will be pressed. The packaging replicates the sleeve of the double-sided single Creedence Clearwater Revival released in January 1970 featuring the studio versions of “Travelin’ Band” and “Who’ll Stop the Rain.” The tunes peaked at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100, and both tracks also were included on CCR’s 1970 studio album Cosmo’s Factory.

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Dame Olivia Newton-John Releases Vinyl Collector’s Editions of ‘Physical’ in Celebration of 40th Anniversary: Let’s get Physical – AGAIN! Four-time Grammy Award-winner, Dame Olivia Newton-John is proud to release remastered vinyl editions of her iconic album Physical: The 40th Anniversary Collector’s Edition in celebration of the album’s 40th anniversary of its original release in October 1981. In addition, Olivia set a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ Title on October 20, 2021, which coincided with the release of the 40th Anniversary “Deluxe Edition” CD/DVD of Physical. The vinyl editions of Physical will include a standard black vinyl and, three exclusive releases in varying colors, with retailers Walmart, Target and Urban Outfitters (the latter will be available June 10), as well as full-sized posters. The vinyls will be released via Green Hill Productions, a subsidiary of Primary Wave, on May 27, 2022, and are available for pre-order here. The release will be available in non-USA markets on June 24.


Where is the vinyl district? ›

Welcome to the Vinyl District

Surrounded by Hollywood and Sunset Boulevard, between Schrader Boulevard and Gower Street, the District lies just outside of Hollywood's main tourist district, yet feels worlds away.

How much time is on each side of vinyl? ›

12 inch records are generally manufactured for full-length (LP) albums. At 33 rpm they hold around 15-22 minutes per side. 33 rpm is the most common speed for 12 inch records. Over 22 minutes per side is possible, but may require further adjustments to EQ and/or levels for it all to fit nicely and sound great.

Why vinyl has 45 rpm? ›

The higher rotation speed of 45 RPM allows for a wider frequency response, and the larger available surface area allows for less compression of any signals with a wide amplitude. Bass is an example of a wide amplitude signal that sounds better on 45. Overtones and high treble are also better.

How many spins does a vinyl record have? ›

Vinyl records typically come in three speeds: 33, 45 and 78 rotations per minute (RPM). If you're like most record lovers you've probably flipped speeds from time to time in order to hear your music faster or slower than normal. It's a funny little experiment, but what are there three different speeds to begin with?

How long can vinyl hold? ›

A vinyl record can safely hold roughly 23 minutes per side for a 12″ record, if it complies with the industry standard. This comes with some caveats, however (explanation coming). A 7″ record can hold about 5 minutes per side (again, this can change based on some other factors).

How many times can you play a vinyl? ›

A well-cared for record can be played more than 100 times, with only minor audible sound degradation. If carefully maintained the same disc could be played many hundreds of times in its lifetime. A record played on poorly set-up equipment can be destroyed in just one spin.

Can you press one vinyl? ›

So to answer the question “Can you press just 1 piece of vinyl record?” Yes, you can. However, it would be a bit pricier than when having it cut. If you're planning to have a vinyl pressing for your vinyl release, I suggest you at least go for 100 copies instead of having just one or lower than a hundred.

What is a 7 inch vinyl called? ›

7-inch records are often referred to as 45s due to their play speed being 45 RPM. These records are noticeably smaller than their LP counterparts, and they spin significantly faster. The higher RPM gives 45s superior sound quality, but it also means that only a few minutes of recorded sound can be stored on each side.

Why does my vinyl sound slow? ›

Oftentimes, a loose belt is the main cause of a slow record player. This occurs because without the grip of the belt on the pulley, the turntable can move too slow, affecting the overall sound and quality of the playback.

What speed do I play my vinyl? ›

Most turntables will play both 33 1/3 and 45 RPM records, some play at all three speeds. 78 RPM records are extremely rare. If your record is playing faster or slower than it should, your turntable is likely set to the incorrect speed.

What happens if you play a 33 record at 45? ›

Playing vinyl records at the wrong speed does not do any damage. The audio will not sound as intended, but there will be no lasting extra damage if the standard RPM speeds are used.

What is a 33 vinyl record? ›

Vinyl records come in three speeds: 33 1/3 rpm (often just called a “33”), 45 rpm and 78 rpm. The “rpm” is an abbreviation for “revolutions per minute” — an indication of how fast the record is meant to spin on the turntable.

What speed do you play half speed vinyl? ›

Half speed mastering on a basic level does exactly what it says in the description. A 33rpm acetate is cut at 16 2/3rpm with the master recording slowed down appropriately so that the record still sounds normal when played at the correct speed.

Can vinyl go bad? ›

While there is no expiration date on a vinyl record, the answer lies within how well you take care of your records over the years. In order to keep your vinyl records spinning and beautifully displayable for years to come, there are a few maintenance factors to keep in mind while listening to music at home.

What speed is a 12-inch vinyl? ›

Chances are, the records you'd like to listen to are full-size 12-inch records, spinning at 33 1/3 RPM, or 7-inch singles, spinning at 45 RPM. Often, EPs and maxi-singles are produced on 12-inch disks that also rotate at 45 RPM.

Which lasts longer CD or vinyl? ›

This is really about failure modes, analog degrades and digital is all or nothing. Pretty sure vinyl lasts longer. What about audio files stored redundant in the cloud? No wear, no rot.

How long is a 45 vinyl? ›

Two historical vinyl formats

It is generally played on the turntable at 45 rpm (round per minute). A 7” 45 RPM vinyl record.

How long is a 45 rpm vinyl? ›

A 7-inch 45 RPM record can fit approximately 5 minutes per side for a total of 10 minutes. Generally, any longer, the sound quality would start to deteriorate.

How many songs can be on one side of a vinyl? ›

The industry standard, 12-inch vinyl record cut at 45 RPM.

With about 15 minutes per side, it would hold approximately ten songs.

How long is a 7 inch record? ›

7-inch records can hold between 4-6 minutes of recorded music on each side, and they typically play at 45 RPM, which is faster than a standard LP.


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