SDBC Saturday Ride — SDBC (2023)

Please note: On Saturday, Dec 10th our regular Saturday ride will be cancelled. Please join us for our annual Holiday Toy Ride instead. Regular Saturday rides will resume 12/17.

Since 1976, the San Diego Bicycle Club has conducted some of the best training rides in San Diego County. Originally a single-group workout for the Club’s racers, the Saturday Rides have evolved to accommodate a much wider range of cyclists. The A, B, and C Groups are fast, spirited rides for experienced group cyclists. The Development Rides were added over the years to help riders learn skills and gain experience as they grow from beginner to competent group cyclist.

All ride groups except the A-Ride will be led by an experienced SDBC official Ride Leader. All official SDBC Ride Leaders are Safe Sport certified.

All rides are open to the public. First timers are encouraged to attend Orientation and start with one of the developmental groups. For questions about our training rides, please contact our Training Director

With the seven different groups rolling out every Saturday, there’s a ride for everyone – Come join us!


General announcements begin at 0830 and ride groups begin rolling out immediately after. Rides roll out in order with faster groups leaving first.


UC Cyclery8715 Villa La Jolla Dr, La Jolla, CA 92121. UC Cyclery is located in the Northwest corner of the La Jolla Village Square mall next to Union Bank.


A/B/C/D-1 rides are 46 miles. D-2 ride is 42 miles, D-3 is 36 miles and D-4 is 24 miles. Because there are variations to the routes, the mileage posted is not exact.


See the Route Sheet section below. Riders are responsible for knowing the route they choose and being able to return to the start/finish.

Rules and Guidelines

SDBC Saturday Ride — SDBC (2)

(Video) SDBC C Ride 2022 09 24

Video & Drone footage of SDBC ride on Jan 25, 2020, courtesy of Cristoffer Fairweather.

  1. Helmets are required.

  2. No earbuds or headphones

  3. No grocery store water bottles

  4. No cellphone use during rides.

  5. No Aero bars

  6. No flashing lights

  7. No E-Bikes.

  8. No tandems in the A, B or C rides. Tandems should not participate in rotating pacelines.

  9. SDBC assumes NO responsibility or liability for your safety. See the “Implied Consent” section below.

Implied Consent

When you ride with SDBC, you are giving your implied consent that you are assuming all responsibility and liability for your safety.

IMPLIED CONSENT: I acknowledge cycling is an inherently dangerous and potentially deadly activity. I, for myself and on behalf of my heirs, assign, personal representatives, and next of kin, release SDBC, its officers and directors, volunteers, and members for any and all liability associated with my participation in any SDBC related activity.

New Rider Orientation

Orientation for all first-time riders is at 0815 in front of UC Cyclery. If you're new to our Saturday ride, please arrive early and attend this brief orientation. Also, please fill out this brief First Time Riderform in advance.


Vehicles should enter in the Nobel entrance, just west of I-5. Only the Nobel entrance provides clearance for roof racks.Park your vehicle in the large lot directly east of UC Cyclery.


  • Orientation for first-timer riders is at 0815 in front of UC Cyclery

  • A Group rolls out shortly after 0830

  • B Group rolls out right after the A Group

  • C Group - rolls out right after the B Group

  • Development Groups roll out after the C group

Please scroll down the page for a description of our Saturday Group Rides and Ride Routes.

A/B/C Rides

The A, B, and C rides require extensive fast group riding experience and competence in rotating pacelines. If you do not have this experience, please join one of the Development Rides to gain the required experience and skills. Inexperienced riders in these groups pose a risk to themselves and everyone in the group.

(Video) SDBC RIDE 9/25/2021 ...THAT HURT!

The A Group Ride

The A ride is a very fast-paced 46 mile ride,mostly attended by current and former racers. The A ride does not have a required re-group, although there is somewhat of a natural re-group at Mimulus and El Montevideo after “Stud Loop”. There is no assigned Ride Leader.

The ride varies from sustained tempo to a series of attacks on hills and flats. This ride demands group riding experience and a very high level of fitness. If you are not in top form, you can expect to be dropped during the ride. The average speed of the A ride is about 20 mph, with speeds approaching 30 mph on flat portions of the ride.

The Strava Ride Route for the A/B/C/D-1 ride is here.

The A Group ride rolls out shortly after 0830

SDBC Saturday Ride — SDBC (3)

SDBC "A" ride 7/25/2015, video courtesy of Juan Cisneros

The B Group Ride

The B ride is the same 46 mile route as the A ride and is the core training ride for SDBC members. The pace of 20+ mph is similar to the A ride. An official SDBC Ride Leaders controls this group. This ride features tempo riding and hill-attacks.

Riders are expected to be very competent and experienced in close-quarter riding in a large pack. There are specified re-grouping spots. The ride includes a long stop for refreshment at Cafe LaTerre. Riders who are dropped may be picked up by the C or D-1 groups that follow.

The Strava Ride Route for the A/B/C/D-1 ride is here.

The B Group ride rolls out directly after the A Group.

SDBC Saturday Ride — SDBC (4)

San Diego Bicycle Club "B" ride, Saturday 6/25/2010, courtesy of Killian Whitelock.

(Video) SDBC ride start 11/26/2022

SDBC Saturday Ride — SDBC (5)

The C Group Ride

The C Group ride follows the same 46 mile route as the A, B, and D-1 rides. It is a less demanding alternative to the B ride and is generally a smaller group. An SDBC Ride Leader controls the group. This ride includes two-by-two tempo riding, double rotating pace-lines and sprint points. Except for the sprint points, the group stays together. There are regroups after the sprints and if a red light splits the group.

The overall pace is moderately high (18+ mph,) about 1-2 mph slower than the B ride. All riders are expected to be experienced and very competent in close-quarter riding. While there are specified re-grouping spots, this is not a “no-drop” ride. Riders who are dropped may be picked up by the D-1 Group which follows the C Group. The ride includes a long stop for refreshments at Cafe LaTerre.

The Strava Ride Route for the A/B/C/D-1 ride is here.

The C Group ride rolls out directly after the B Group.

SDBC Saturday Ride — SDBC (6)

Development Group Rides

Development Group rides emphasize riding skills including: side-by-side/close-quarter riding, paceline rotation, safety and cooperation in a peloton. Riders will be given instruction as needed. Each group has a designated Ride Leader and often one or two assistant leaders. All development rides include a long stop for refreshments at Cafe LaTerre.

D-1 Group Ride

D-1 is a moderately fast ride with several regrouping points. Riders should already have the skills necessary to ride in a peloton and have experience in a rotating pace line. The D-1 ride is 46 miles in length and follws the same route as the A, B and C rides. Riders should be in good physical condition and able to maintain a speed of 16 to 18 mph. Riders having a hard time keeping up should wait for the D-3 or D-2 groups at the school parking lot after the rotating paceline drill. D-1 rolls out after the C ride.

D-2 Group Ride

D-2 is a brisk paced 42 mile ride that takes a hilly path off the regular SDBC route. It has more total elevation gain than any other SDBC ride. Riders must have group riding and rotating paceline experience. While it is a “drop ride”, it features several re-groups after the various climbs. For much of the route there is no following group, so be sure to know the route and “bail-out” points. There are several variations of the D-2 route. D-2 rolls out after D-1.

D-3 Group Ride

D-3 is the core developmental ride of SDBC. The route is 37 miles long and somewhat hilly. It is ideal for riders who have cycling experience but are new to riding in packs larger than 4 or 5. The riders are coached throughout as needed, while speed is kept at a moderate pace between 15 and 17 mph on the flats and 13 to 14 mph average overall. Opportunities are taken at regrouping points to teach participants many of the skills necessary to ride safely in a peloton and to participate in a rotating paceline. While not considered a “no-drop” ride, effort is made to keep the group together and accommodate slower rides who are putting in the appropriate effort. D-3 rolls out after D-2.

(Video) SDBC Saturday A Ride - 4/20/2019

D-4 Group Ride

D-4 is SDBC’s entry level training ride. At 24 miles long, it follows the first 10 miles of the more advanced D-3 course but at a slower pace. This is a “no-drop” ride and accomodates all cyclist who are putting in appropriate effort. This is a good ride for riders with little or no group riding experience. It is also popular for cyclists coming back from an injury or who are looking for a shorter, slower ride.

The terrain includes a number of shorter climbs plus the longer and more challenging Torrey Pines grade. Riders should have the fitness and ability to stay with the group and to climb hills without dismounting and walking their bikes. Instruction on how to maximize use of gears and other skills is provided as needed to help beginners become more efficient cyclists. D-4 rolls out after D-3.

Route Sheets, Maps and Handouts

Strava Routes

Route Sheets

  • A/B/C/D-1 Route Sheet

  • D-2 Route Sheet

  • D-3 Route Sheet

  • D-4 Route Sheet

Paceline Handouts

  • Paceline Handout 1

  • Paceline Handout 2

Ride With GPS Routes


1. SDBC ride
2. SDBC Saturday Club Ride - January 8, 2022 - Rotating Paceline
(Bike Chapel)
3. SDBC Saturday Ride on 3/22/14
(Rick Cuadra)
4. SDBC Saturday club ride
5. SDBC D-2 Saturday Ride
6. SDBC Saturday Group Ride (D-1)
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